Monday, January 10, 2011

Newspapers and video...

In reporting some stories, words are not enough.  Or, they can only convey part of the story. This is what attracted me, a newspaper reporter, to using video as a medium online. It’s disheartening sometimes to hear veteran journalists in my field dismiss the web without considering its use in sharing comprehensive, heartening stories in the public interest. I wish creativity would replace cynicism, because we could all use their expertise and ideas.
This video was created to accompany a print feature about budget cuts to weight loss surgeries in B.C. I worked with fellow reporter, Katherine Dedyna, as she gathered facts and focus. Her story focused on the larger issue – wait times – and went into incredible detail. This is the benefit of print reporting.
I chose to focus my video on two people affected by obesity and show their lives and emotions. This is the benefit of video. It is one thing to describe the difficulties a 500-plus lb 26-year-old man faces. It is another to see him walk, breathe and hear the pain in his voice. Just as it is one thing to describe a weight-loss surgery success story, it is another to see a young mother who once weighed 328 lbs touch her toes and jump on a trampoline.
The video was shot on a Kodak Zi8 and edited in iMovie. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gnocchi with Nonna

Watch on Youtube:

My nonna Chiarinna Bevacqua taught me to make gnocchi – sort of – on a recent trip to Prince George, B.C. Nonna is from the Calabrian village Mangone in Italy. She came to Canada in the 60s with her five children to be with my nonno, Felice Bevacqua. He had left Italy to work on the railroad in Prince Rupert several years earlier and struggled to save the money to bring his family over. The generous Italian family he was boarding with put away a portion of his rent for years until there was enough money for the whole family to make the trip.