Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World Aids Day

It's World Aids Day...Please check out Caia Connection - a Mozambique orphan and palliative care program recently adopted by Victoria's Kapasseni Project, Gettin' Higher Choir and the amazing Alfazemas.
Nothing has affected me more - personally, professionally and spiritually - than witnessing the horrific toll HIV-AIDS takes on a person and their communities.
My soul was awakened seeing the dignity in suffering, community spirit and desire to help in Mozambique and Rwanda in 2008.
If you want to help, I am looking for someone to takeover posting the stories of Rwandan children survivors. A new blog or site would be best, something easy they can update. This would be in English, French and possibly Kinyarwanda - I have a student translator in Kigali helping.
Please contact me.

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