Monday, October 4, 2010

My life in Super 8mm films by my dad...

My dad, David Petrescu, collected old cameras and was documenting his and our lives on Super 8mm video, box, 35 mm and Rolleiflex cameras since I can remember. When he passed away seven years ago we were left with boxes of film, slides and thousands of pictures he took and developed. Recently, my mother had some of his old films transferred to DVD. I've made short videos from that footage. Putting these together I see what a gift he left us with and what an artistic spirit he was.
This video starts with my parents as a young hippie couple living in a cabin by the Nechako River in Prince George, B.C. I come along in 1978, then my brother Nicholas in 1981.
When my dad was ill with cancer in 2003 I asked him what the best time of his life was. He said, "Those early days with your mom and you kids. That was so much fun."
Here's to you Dad.
XO Sarah

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Suzanne Beaubien said...

I loved watching that. Especially you helping your brother learn to walk. What a gift these videos are to your family